Outdoor and Landscape LightingFor great service, design and value for your landscape and outdoor lighting needs in New Jersey, you can count on the experts from Team Electric.  Read more about the Team Electric Service Level Guarantee on this page here, and from our other delighted customers on this page here.


Discover how Team Electric can help you today:


- LANDSCAPE LIGHTING DESIGN & INSTALLATION: Help bring the most out of your home's outdoor environment and even add to the appeal and value of your home by accentuating its features both day and night.  Team Electric is experienced in the design and installation of landscape lighting.

- OUTDOOR LIGHTING: Enjoy the outdoors for longer with the latest in outdoor lighting.  We can help you light your patio, decking or barbecue for summer entertaining, or we can help with safety lighting around paths, driveways, pools, and entrances.  Team Electric is also able to help with outdoor power sockets.

- SECURITY LIGHTING: For enhanced security consider motion-sensor activated, automated or remote control outdoor lighting.

- FLOODLIGHTING: For lighting across large areas.

- SIGN LIGHTING: Lighting for outdoor signage.

- UP-FRONT PRICING: With Team Electric we can also provide a full written estimate in advance, so you always know the price regardless of how long the job takes to perform.

- LIGHTING EXPERTS: Team Electric is fully licensed, insured, and is already trusted in thousands of homes and businesses across New Jersey for their lighting design, installation and repair.


For all your landscape and outdoor lighting needs across New Jersey, call and speak with the experts from Team Electric today.


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