Surge ProtectionPower surges to your home from lightening and utility supply issues can cause serious damage to your electrical appliances, even destroying them.  That's why it is so important to protect them with a surge protection system, and when it comes to expert advice and installations in New Jersey, you can rely on the professionalism and great value you receive from Team Electric.  Read about the Team Electric Service Level Guarantee here, and from our other delighted customers here.



- PROTECTS YOUR WHOLE HOME: Smaller power strip surge protectors can only help with lower energy surges, and of course only the electrical devices that are plugged into them.  A cost-effective way to protect all of your home from larger external surges such as lightening is a whole house surge protector, which protects at the panel board level.  It can help save your computers, TVs, and other electrical devices, not to mention important data and reduce the risk of fire when lightening strikes.  Many homeowners only discover the risk too late.

- LEADING SYSTEMS: Team Electric can show you the leading protection systems including the Intermatic PanelGuard.

- PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION: Team Electric is experienced, licensed and fully insured for all of your electrical needs.  We are already the trusted choice in thousands of homes in New Jersey.

- GREAT WARRANTIES: With a warranty of up to 5 years on your new surge protector (see manufacturer literature for full details of warranty).

- UP-FRONT PRICING: With Team Electric you can get a full estimate in advance to help you make an informed choice.

- FRIENDLY & HELPFUL: Be sure of friendly and helpful technicians that will help answer all of your questions, be on-time, and keep your home clean and tidy.


For all your whole house surge protector questions and needs in New Jersey, call and speak with the experts from Team Electric today.


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